Zero And Won

A logical game.Play with logic gates for fun. No electricity required.

Learn more about, or solidify your knowledge of, logic gate operations.


The game is great for children to get an early start in logic, or STEM in general.

Open source

For enthusiasts to modify or improve upon the game as they see fit.Digital files will be available for download around the time the game ships.


What are the game rules?
A digital version of the rulebook can be found here.
It is intended to serve as a quick reference for getting started only.
Since this game is open source, you are more than welcome to come up with your own rules down the road.
When will the game be available for purchase?
Zero And Won is scheduled to publicly launch in Q1 of 2024. If you are one of the backers of our Kickstarter campaign, we will prioritize shipping to you first.

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Original Zero And Won Rules

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Zero And Won is best played on a tabletop or similar surface large enough to hold:
• A Draw Pile
• A Discard Pile
• A Special Pile
• An Expression Area (about 4 to 5 cards wide)
The game is ideal for 2 - 6 players. Every player starts with 6 cards, dealt face down from a thoroughly shuffled deck. The remaining cards are placed in a Draw Pile face down.Two Players
For 2 players, distribute 10 cards to each player instead.

At the beginning of every game, the Discard Pile, the Special Pile, and the Expression Area should all be empty.

Game Play

Pick a player to go first, then every other player takes turns in a clockwise fashion until the end of the game.Current player plays a card, with the goal of building a valid logical expression within the Expression Area.The next section explains what a valid expression is.After one expression is fully formed, move all 4 cards to the Discard Pile before starting anew. This will help avoid confusion as to what the latest expression is.If the current player does not have a proper card to play
They have to draw one from the Draw Pile. If this freshly drawn card works, they can immediately play it.
If the current player plays a Draw-Two card
Be sure to place it on top of the Special Pile so as to keep the Expression Area intact.
If the previous player played a Draw-Two card
The current player has to draw 2 cards from the Draw Pile and does not get to play any cards this round.
If the current player plays a Wildcard
They have to verbally assign a value (non-special) to it, which has to be part of the valid expression the group is building.
If the current player has one card left
They should shout "LAST ONE!" before the next player takes their turn. If they get caught forgetting to say "LAST ONE!", they will have to draw 2 cards from the Draw Pile as a penalty.
If a player has no cards remaining
This player wins the game! (Hence Zero And Won.)
The rest of the players can either stop the game right away, or continue until someone else wins again.

Valid Logical Expression

In Zero And Won, a valid expression takes the following format:[Digit] [Digit] [Operator] [Resulting Digit]Alternatively, a Wildcard can be placed instead in any of the 4 positions (so long as whomever plays it verbally assigns a valid value to the card).Note
If a player's turn coincides with the first or second position of the expression, the player gets to play any card as long as it is a Digit card.
Likewise, if a player's turn coincides with the third position of the expression, they can play any Operator card.
In reality, this does not make the game too much easier, as sometimes players still may not have a proper card to play at their turn.

One example of a valid expression

The Cards



Each of these logic gates has its own truth table. Please refer to the section below.

Special Cards

Truth Table

A truth table is a mathematical table used in logic — often in connection with logic gates and binary digits.In this game, a truth table also denotes what the Resulting Digit in an expression should be, given the first two digits (as input) and the operator.

Input 1Input 2OperatorResulting Digit
Input 1Input 2OperatorResulting Digit
Input 1Input 2OperatorResulting Digit
Input 1Input 2OperatorResulting Digit
Input 1Input 2OperatorResulting Digit
Input 1Input 2OperatorResulting Digit

Special Notes

• If there is no winner when the Draw Pile is emptied out, either end the game with a tie or continue with cards from the Discard Pile (just be sure to shuffle them first).• If a player places an incorrect card in the Expression Area and is caught by the group, this player has to retrieve said card and then draw 2 additional cards from the Draw Pile as a little penalty.

Last updated: December 23, 2023

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